There’s life in the old dog yet

Great to see some really positive WAR news and communication this week. Without going into too much detail, the guys at Mythic seem to be concentrating on the real issues at hand with the game. Highlights for me are making the game in tier 4 more balanced, scenarios by renown rank and addressing the death of PvE. If they delivered on this it would almost certainly get me subbed again. I continue to observe from the shadows with great interest.

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Links courtesy of Bootae, who’s blog continues to be my favourite on the web. Well done sir. Prefer the Destruction labroratory to the teapot tho mate ;)

So, onto SWTOR. I dinged 50 this week. But hold off on the “gz” as I’m not sure it’s a good thing :D There’s a lot of negativity about the end-game in SWTOR atm, so it was not without any feeling of dread that I dinged 50. It’s still early days for me (not even finished class quest - so no Ilum just yet), I did manage to be in a position to buy 6 Champion PvP Bags when I dinged. This has probably helped me in warzones so far (I managed to get 3 pieces of PvP equipment) but it’s still a real struggle for those just turning 50. I witnessed my first SWTOR spawn camping last night.

Tbf to Bioware they are addressing the situation. In the next patch comes a slightly easier to get/less powerful bridge PvP armour set below Centurion. This is a direct attempt to help those guys who ding 50 who enter warzones full of Battlemaster tossers.

I’m pretty excited about patch 1.2 for SWTOR as it goes. Off the top of my head, the highlights are:

- New warzone
- New warzone token system (bye-bye Champion Bags)
- Guild bank/starship
- Battle log
- UI customization
- Lvl50 purple gear having mods/set bonuses removable (everyone won’t look the same!)
- Orange gear crittable (for armormech like me, this is great)
- Dual spec (not a fan of this in principle, but there’s no doubt it will help a small guild like us)

Reading between the lines, it looks to me that 1.2 could be with us at the end of the month.

So what does the immediate future hold for me in SWTOR? Well, we have quite a few guys at 50 now but only one healer (if memory serves). So my intention is to respec to heals on my Merc for a little while. This will be an interesting change of playstyle direction for me, will help us get some hard mode Flashpoints parties, and might make me feel less useless in Warzones until I get more PvP gear. I’ll probably spend a bit more time on my Biochem Juggernaught alt too.

The guild will be looking to getting some Operation groups set up in the coming weeks but lack lvl50 numbers. So, if you fancy a bit of that action get in touch and I’ll throw you a guild invite (we’re on server Bloodworthy).

Over and out, T.